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SDR's 20" Tornado F5 Percolator Beaker Waterpipe (Designed in Brooklyn)

Part Number WPEK-999
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SDR's 20" Tornado F5 Percolator Beaker Waterpipe (Designed in Brooklyn)
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When it comes to SDR's own water pipes, we don't skimp on the details. This hand-blown 20" 5mm thick glass Tornado Percolator spins the smoke and cools it down through the unique spiraled perc. The beaker base helps keep it upright. It also has an ice catcher feature and a female and male slide system. Downstem size: 18 mm. Downstem length: 5 in. Bowl size: 18 mm.

Here's an in-house rendering of how awesome this piece is by our sales guy, Tyrone ...
Customer Reviews
Rating Worth every cent! I hope to see more SDR pieces.
This waterpipe is top notch, simple yet effective and definitely worth the buy. I am extremely happy with this pip but I recommend ordering an attachment or just using one you already have and it will make it that much smoother. The only thing is to make sure you clean the perc often as it catches a lot of resin and tar in there, at least for me it did.
  Reviewed by:   from Ohio. on 8/16/2013
Rating Medical Marijuana Patient
This waterpipe is all it lives up to be! Fantastic blasts of "ice cooled" smoke twist all the way down into the lower depths of my lungs, allowing me to true taste the flavors of my meds! And may I add, leaving me "stoned" at a different level! I recomend this pipe to anybody looking to feel "good". Sure Don't Regret this buy!
  Reviewed by:   from Mid Michigan. on 8/9/2013
Rating dope!!!
first off the bad the title says 20 inches mine is only 18 but i could care less this piece is amazing SDR is dope hit them up and get your self one just prepared to cleen it often if you medicate daily.
  Reviewed by:   from denver. on 8/19/2013
Rating damn good hit for your dollar!
great stem, well made and fantastic price. nice work guys! cool to see a shop coming out with their own lines!
  Reviewed by:   from cali. on 6/11/2013
Rating If it's good enough for the Nurses ...
Here's a pic of the 420Nurses with this piece: http://420nurses.com/photo/58323/venice-beach-420nurses-lifestyle-photography-16/ !!!
  Reviewed by:   from Venice. on 7/31/2013
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